These are a few of my projects, from furniture to tidlybits and gadgets. The things that I build will probably end up on this website! If you're looking for custom work - look no further! I do that. I'm based in Melbourne (Kensington) and I like it here.

Many biscuits!

Mini desktop desk for a client, to sit on a desk and make it into a standing desk! The legs are adjustable, and the hardwood top is beautiful! (Second coat of matte varnish drying at the moment) ultra minimalist legs supports are shockingly sturdy

Shop day! Making an oak standing desk. #standingdesk #customfurniture

Shelf lamp! Dovetailed and braided cord.

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I made this real cool lamp / shelf from some American oak, and a braided power cable. I made the lamp socket out of sheet metal that I pounded to shape. The join in the two pieces of wood was my very first dove tail too!

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I made this steampunk/vintage steel box for a client, using reclaimed steel and some super cool tig welded hose clamp oak handles. It’s used for storing cards, and looking super badass. 
I used hydrochloric acid to remove the zinc coating from the hardware, and I stained the wood with acid and steel - not paint.

I made this folding table, with a foldaway leg for a play! It’s aged using the classic vinegar and steel wool. Amazing stuff!

I made this rugged looking woodstove/oven for a production company doing a play about a guy living in the bush of Alaska!

I made these table legs out of metal found on the street, they have stacks of welded area, which I think looks cool! They are also super strong.

I made a lightbulb with welding argon and tungsten wire and a jar!
#lightbulb #glass #electronics

I have wanted a lathe for a fair while, and my mate Ethan and I even started working on building one. But then last weekend at a farm, my friends gave me this antique Herbert Home Workshop. I modified it a bunch, and took the table saw and planer off. I made a tail stock from some old parts, and turned one of the planer beds into a motor mount! It’s absolutely terrifying to use, but it works great!

I made this vice, not sure why precisely, but I like that I can screw it to my workbench, and close it with my impact driver! I made similar ones before using pine, they worked surprisingly well, but this model fixes a few issues. Such as holding the nut better, and having guides.
The pin fits into the channel around the bolt, meaning the jaws can be both opened and closed - previously it was just a way to put pressure on something.
MK3 will use acme rod, be bigger, be steel with tapped holes, have a handle and potentially a cog system that let’s me turn a wheel on top to close it, for ultimate bench top vising.

I made this iPad safe/charger for a friend’s church, it holds 6 iPads and can charge them at the maximum amperage.
It puts out 12.6 amps, 2.2 amps for each iPad and had a locking door.

I made this pulley for my gravity lamp project, it turned out really well! I cut the wood bit using a hole-saw, and then spun it on my drill like a lathe and carved the groove with my dremel tool spinning opposite to the drill.

I made this tabletop out of old pallets to test my homemade clamps. I used the shortest pieces of wood I could, to incorporate the joins.
It turned out pretty crap, because I only used a sawzall to cut it, and near the end I just wanted to get it done. But it served it’s purpose as a proof of concept! The top looks great and I learned a lot about laminating.